About Camps

Imago's camps are about creating wonderful summer memories. We all have great memories of our own summertimes when we as kids did amazing things and we want Imago camps to be that for your child.

Our hope is create those types of special experiences each day of camp. We want kids to be in nature, to understand nature, and to love nature and since it's summer, to have a great time doing it too!

Camps at Imago are way more than just hikes (though there is plenty of that). We want to have a variety of ways that we experience our camp themes. Campers hike, explore, play games, make art, invent, make friends, try new things - all in a day's work!

Finally, we want our campers to learn new skills. At the end of the week, campers can share new knowledge and new experiences. Campers become well versed in the camp themes.

Safety, Camp Leaders, and Camp Ratios

Safety comes first at our camps. Above all else, we want our campers to have a safe experience while also having a great time. For this reason we keep our camper to leaders ratios low (1:8) and we never leave a child alone without another adult around.

Our camp leaders are well-trained, committed to the mission of camps, and often are veterans of leading Imago camps, so they are experienced.

The Root of a Camp Experience

At the heart of a camp is to create memorable experiences and to build our connections with nature. Time in nature is scientfically proven to make us healthier and happier, but more than that - nature is a place where we can have experiences that will bring us joy for our whole lives. 

For this reason we make sure that all of our camps have some key components:

  • Unique Experiences - some of our best memories are when we see or do something that we've never seen before - we try to have plenty of those opportunities at camp
  • Simple Routines - fond memories are also formed when we get a chance to feel comfortable, when we know what to expect, we can look forward to the routines that make our day feel whole.
  • Community - a great camp is made even better, by being part of a community. For this reason we stress community aspects in our projects, our activites, our snacks and our games. Campers are in community with each other, with camp staff, and with the natural world. As part of a community, campers are also key members in caring for our space. Campers help to tend the garden, prepare the snacks, clean up, and give back to the natural world.
  • Inquiry and Exploration - there will be plenty of planned activities, but we also leave ample time for campers to ask questions, to make discoveries, and to focus on the aspects that are most interesting to them. 

Rhythm of the Day

Each day of camp is different but each day does follow a general pattern:

  • Start - Days start with a welcome, an introduction of the intention and theme to the day, and an idea of what the day holds (agenda).
  • Gather Information - From there we jump into our first theme of the day, by learning about it and gathering information
  • Explore and Discover - Then we head out and explore, we try to apply the knowledge of what we just learned into the real world. We also add to that knowledge by making discoveries. 
  • Express - Next we work on expressing what we've learned, either through a game, or art.
  • Move - By now we need to move our bodies, so we go on another hike, or play an active game
  • Eat - Then we eat lunch and have free time
  • Do it again - we repeat the cycle of gathering information, exploring, expressing, and moving either with a new theme, or continuing the theme from the morning
  • Review And Gratitude - We close the day with a review what we learned, campers share their favorite part and what they are grateful for. We clean up all together, share a snack and read stories till pick up.