Get Involved

If Imago is a leader in the environmental community it is because of the thousands of people who have been involved. As a grassroots organization, we are built on the time, energy and generosity of many who have come to shape the organization. Our hope is that in becoming involved, you will receive from Imago as much as you get.

Our (grass)roots go deep, as an organization with a small but dedicated staff, and an amazing and passionate volunteer corp, Imago is able to accomplish a great deal with few monetary resources. Because of our efficient use of funds, supporters can feel confident that their time and donations are going to directly impact Imago's programs and mission.


Make a donation to support any of Imago's numerous projects or to support our general operations. There are also many other creative ways of donating. Click inside to learn how you can support Imago's programs and projects with a donation.


Each year hundreds of people support Imago by giving their time and energy. You can help out one time on a Saturday, take on a project of your own, or become an integral part of Imago's success.


Just listed! A new Americorps position. Be a part of bringing hands-on nature experiences to urban youth.