Nature @ Imago

Imago protects 36 acres of urban forest just outside of downtown Cincinnati. This has taken place in three distinct acquisitions

  • 1992 - The original 8 acres on the site of the proposed Terry Street Elementary School.
  • 1996 - An additional 7 acres at the end of Enright Avenue, overlooking the ridge and the Ohio River below
  • 2002 - 8 more acres, adjacent to the original land.
  • 2010 - 13 more acres!

16 acres of this forest is an open urban nature preserve - The Imago Earth Center. Aside from being home to Imago, it is also open to the general public for hiking and exploration.

The Imago Earth Center is a young nature preserve, sitting on 16 natural acres atop a ridge in Price Hill, a mere five minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Even though it is in an urban setting, the Earth Center is still home to a remarkable variety of wildlife, some of which is not commonly seen near cities. The observant visitor will find evidence of salamanders, owls, deer, raccoons, frogs, and even coyotes. The nature preserve contains three distinct ecosystems: a forest, a wetland, and a tallgrass prairie.

Unfortunately, the land at the Earth Center has had a long history of abuse at the hands of humans before finally being protected in 1994. Since protection, several hundred volunteers have devoted thousands of hours to restoring the land to a more natural state. The Earth Center is a vivid example of the human capacity to mar the land but also to heal it.