School Programs


Imago's school programs are not tours. They are designed to allow your students to become active and engaged explorers. Aside from learning valuable educational content, your students will be asked open-ended questions, encouraged to make discoveries on their own, and become naturalists and scientists. Using hikes, explorations, scientific observation, data gathering, and creative play, your students will become immersed in the program topic. All while having a great time! Moreover, all of our programs are intentionally aligned with Academic Content Standards.

There are two general program types. Onsite (at Imago) which are between 1.5 - 3.5 hours in length and Traveling programs. While we prefer you come to us, we understand that that isn't always possible. 


Length: 3.5 hours
Ages: 1st and up
Location: Imago or At you School

Through great activities and demonstrations students will learn about some of the major environmental problems. Themes will include waste, pollution, natural resources, habitat loss, recycling, composting, energy conservation and more. 


Creature Features

length: 3.5 hours
ages: 1st grade and up
location: Imago

Students will study ecological concepts such as classification, adaptations, life cycles, habitat, and endangered species through hands-on learning activities and exploration focusing on animals found at Imago's woods.


Insects and Invertebrates

Length: 1.5 hours
Ages:  grades preschool through 2nd
Location: Imago or at your school

The world is full of insects and their invertebrate brethren. Because they are so easily found, they are perfect for catching and studying up close.


Native American Programs

Our Feature program. Learn about pre-colonial Native American life by exploring real and replica artifacts. Our program features a wigwam, hunting tools, gardening, furs, culture and games and a hike. You can choose from up to three Native American Programs.



Length: 1.5 hours
Ages: grades preschool through 2nd
Location: Imago

Nature is a wonderful way to learn all about our very own discovery tools, our senses. This fun program hikes the trails of Imago and invites young ones to use all of their senses to really get to know the outdoors.


Worms and Worm Bins

Length: 1 hour
Ages: all ages
Location: at your school

Worms and worm bins are a great way to study and compare anatomy of invertebrates and to learn the role of invertabrates in decomposing, the soil cycle, and the importance of composting. Learn about the many interesting features of a worm (such as the 5 hearts) and learn how you can have a new classroom pets to help with composting, in an indoor worm bin. 


How to Register

1. Decide which program(s) fits you group's interest.

2. Call us at (513) 921-5124 or email us at with the following information: 
--number of participants 
--grade or age of participants 
--date(s) interested 

3. After you register, you will receive a confirmation packet with details about your program.

You can also fill out the online school program form and we'll contact you!



Onsite Programs: Half Day (1.5 - 2 hour) programs are $4.00 per participant with a $60 minimum. Full Day (3 - 3.5 hours) programs are $6.50 per participant with a $100 minimum. Please note that the Native American Overview is $4.50 per participant due to cost of extra materials.

Traveling Programs: Generally, $65 per classroom hour plus $0.30 per mile roundtrip mileage fee. Also depends on the type of program and the amount of time at the school.

Ideally, we would not have to charge a program fee. However, if we didn't, we would soon shut down. We are a private nonprofit that relies solely on donations and grants for support. We do not receive government funding of any kind. Our goal is for no group to be excluded due to cost. For those groups we offer needs-based scholarships that help to reduce the program cost. The scholarships are limited and are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call the Earth Center for details on scholarship eligibility.