Wish List

Do you have things lying around that you no longer need?  Or maybe you would just like an easy way to contribute to Imago?  If so, check out our Wish List!

Explore the list by the program or area in which we'll use it.  If you have an item you'd like to donate, contact Ana Bird and we'll arrange a way to get your item to Imago.

You can be sure Imago will put your donation to good use! 


Featured Items

Cleaning Supplies with Park+Vine. Click here for more info

Plastic Salad Containers

Children's Trowels


Imago's Woods and Gardens

Shovels           Towels           Chainsaw
Bird Seed Work Gloves Bird Feeders
Rakes Plants  

Children's Programs

Kid's Towels            Kid's Garden Gloves  Plants and Seeds 
Art Supplies Sunscreen Hand Sanitizer
Bug Spray    

 Adult Programs

Medium Deli Containers  Plastic Salad Boxes          Five Gallon Buckets    
Pallets (in good condition)    


Imago's Building

Vacuum Cleaner

Coffee Table        

Long Narrow Rug

Laundry Hamper

Trash and Recycling Bin

Herb/House Plants                 

Laptop Computer (new or used)


Kids Tables and Chairs           

Mops and Buckets


Donate to the Paint Fund

Toilet Paper